Pool Kits

Save yourself thousands of dollars by installing your own steel wall inground swimming pool! It is easier then you might think to install the inground pool of your dreams. We offer everything you need to install your own swimming pool!

Unlike our competitors, we offer both 42″ and 48″ pool walls. With 48″ pool walls, you get a full 6″ of extra water depth!

About Super Steel Inground
Swimming Pools:

Super Steel means super strength as well as superior performance. Your Super Steel pool is designed and engineered utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry. We fabricate our panels with domestically, manufactured steel which utilizes G-235 gauge steel, the highest galvanized coating weight offered. G-235 simply means there is 2.35 ounces of zinc per square foot on the front and back of each steel sheet. The heavy zinc coating provides superior durability and longer life.

Engineered in our state-of-the-art facility, the use of a computer-controlled manufacturing line assures that each of our panels are created with consistency, accuracy, and precision. Our computerized punching tolerance of .005″, ensures every panel fits exactly. Super Steel panels have a full 5″ top and bottom flange, a 1 1/4″ return flange and we have the only panel in the industry that is produced with a classic 3″ side flange. This precision guarantees superior strength and unsurpassed quality.

Unlike other panels that are simply offset and folded using a toggle system to squeeze the ends together, our system is different. Super Steel pool panel corners are reinforced with a gusset plate. The superior strength behind Super Steel swimming pools is covered by a United State’s patent that was awarded for both the apparatus and the method for reinforcing pool walls. Our patented process creates what we believe is the strongest structure in the industry.

You can be assured your Super Steel swimming pool meets our stringent quality standards before shipping from our facilities. Ask your dealer fore more details on how they can help make your dreams of a backyard playground a reality with Super Steel.

Our Steel Wall Inground Swimming Pool Kits are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer! Save thousands of dollars by installing your own inground swimming pool!

We offer both 42″ and 48″ wall heights!

Available in a variety of shapes & sizes!

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